Why Setup an SMSF?

1. Greater investment choice

Choose from ETF’s, cash, property and cryptocurrency and collectables.
Choose your trading service or use one of our service ?

2. Tax Savings, deductible fees

If you earn over $180,000 in income inclusive of income from investments and cash then you will pay 45% tax
Smsf’ s are concessionally taxed at 15% on income, with only 2/3 of gains assessable for capital gains and 0% tax in ‘pension phase’ and all fees are tax deductible, unlike retail/industry funds
Now that’s a lot of tax saved for your retirement.

3. Pay less in fees, No % fees, No fees per transaction billing

Our flat fee of $91.66 per month (inc GST) is one cheapest SMSF rates on the market and it’s a fixed fee, irrespective of the balance of your SMSF.

*fair use policy applies or 400 transactions Bronze Care Funds


Better Estate planning outcomes

The Benefits


All income received by you your SMSF will be taxed at a maximum 15% with imputation credits available for listed shares.


You will pay a maximum 10% capital gains tax (CGT) on 2/3 of your gains x 15% ) if you sell property after owning it for 12 months. Listed investments carry no stamp duty and off market transfers of shares are possible subject to capital gains tax.


You will pay NO Capital Gains Tax (C.G.T) if you sell the property in pension phase.


You can purchase any asset via an SMSF and obtain clear ownership and control of all assets. Fees are tax deductible, insurance is tax deductible and can be customised to your needs.


Employer contributions, Salary sacrifice contributions can be used to pay the difference between the rental income and expenses of your property investment or help fund or service other assets using leverage.


Invest in crypto coins and assets such as bitcoin, Ripple and Ethereum in an SMSF. Invest, Trade or Mine currencies