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R S Capital Partners Pty Ltd : ABN: 67 145 282 908 trading as My SMSF / My SMSF Property its representatives:

  • Do not give any warranty or make any representation as to the accuracy, reliability, completeness or security of the information contained on this site and as to changes in circumstances after the date of publication that may impact on the accuracy of the information
  • May change and update the information from time to time
  • Make no representation in relation to, and are not responsible in any way, for the content of any other site you access via this site and
  • Own the copyright of the information on this site.
  • The information in this website does not constitute a recommendation to invest in or take up any products
  • Administration (accounting & auditing*  is performed by a panel of tax agents and auditors )
  • SMSF lending – is performed by our mortgage manager service


All content included as part of the My SMSF Property website, such as all e-books, property and borrowing calculators,dashboard service,smsf application form, smsf lending application, text, graphics, logos, button icons, images, as well as the compilation thereof, and all software used on this site, is the property of My SMSF Property or its suppliers and protected by Australian copyright laws. You agree to abide by all copyright notices, legends or other restrictions contained in any such content and will not make any changes thereto. The name My SMSF is trade mark pending.


Our SMSF Offer is subject to you agreeing to appoint My SMSF / My SMSF Property as administrator to refer your annual Administration to, one of two independent accounting firms based overseas, or to a local tax agent, for a minimum period of 12 – 24 months. Please refer to our Fee Schedule page for all fees and charges.

  1. A ‘New Fund’  is a Bronze fee $1,100 , Silver $1,550  or Gold Care  $2,550 our discount setup fee is $799 requiring completion of 1 one years administration or a termination fee of $1,550 will be charged for setting up your fund. These are funds we setup based on instructions provided to us by member/trustees or after advice is provided on the setup of the SMSF.
  2. An existing Fund – ‘Transfer SMSF or Fund’  is a fund that has been setup previously and has transferred from another provider to our service. Fees applicable are: Bronze fee $1,100 , Silver $1,550  or Gold Care  $2,550

All funds are subject to our terms and conditions; which are subject to change; our privacy policy and Fee schedule agreements.
You agree to our fee schedule and to the following conditions when engaging our service

  • You must provide us with all requested document to allow us to complete your fund work
  • We will only commence work when you provide us with all documents we request in a timely manner
  • We take no responsibility for delays, ATO penalty interest charges, fines or further action due to slow
    responses to our query’s and requests and unsigned tax return documents.
  • We communicate via email, sms and phone. Most correspondence is via email and it is your responsibility to view your email messages and respond promptly to our queries
  • Our time frame for completing work is 1-4 months on average,subject to receiving all the relevant documents and information
  • You agree to us being appointed as your ASIC registered agent for Silver and Gold care funds or for Bronze care funds, where this arrangement is agreed to.
  • You may cancel this service by notifying us by email – Address to cancel my service and email to – [email protected]
  • We will provide you with a copy of all documents we hold on file via email. We will forward documents to your new provider subject to a fee of $110 charged for our time. It is your responsibility to contact CBA and cancel any fee arrangements that we have agreed to when setting up your SMSFPhone: 1800 252 351 and press Option 2
    Email: [email protected]
    Post: Locked Bag 3005, Australia Square NSW 1215
  • You Agree to the CommSec ACA Account Terms and conditions and FSG documents which are provided
  • Commsec FSG – https://www.commsecadviserservices.com.au/media/67883/cas1035_trading-financial-services-guide.pdf
  • CommSec Term and Conditions – https://www.commsecadviserservices.com.au/media/67889/cas1029_trading-terms-and-conditions.pdf
  • CommSec provides an email or letter confirmation of your newly opened ACA SMSF Cash Account will all details of fees and charges and service terms
  • My SMSF Fee Schedule – https://www.mysmsfproperty.com.au/fee-schedule/

Refer to the ‘Termination of Administration Services’. A fee of $1,550 may apply if the first years tax work is not completed.

Our accountants  are independent and based  offshore and our auditors are based locally in Melbourne and Sydney. My SMSF/ My SMSF Property is an administration and technology provider. We use Amazon Web Services for data storage which has a base in Australia. We use two factor authentication and all client information: email, phone numbers, TFN’s are blocked from being accessed by offshore agents. We have high levels of security in place.


SMSF Lending services incur a fee of $550 for SMSF loans below $300,000 in value. A further fee of $550 is payable if you do not proceed with a loan application once we are engaged and the loan is approved.

My SMSF Property uses a loan manager service via Outsource Financial Pty Ltd  (CRN: 440469)  Australian Credit License No: 384324, they provide lending services for residential and commercial SMSF loans


R S Capital Partners Pty Ltd trading as My SMSF & My SMSF Property and trade mark licensed and we are licensed to provide insurance and SMSF advice, where we are engaged to provide this service. CAR No: 1240870 Our Licensee is My  AFSL NO: 508559 All information is of a general nature only and does not take into account your personal financial circumstances or objectives.

  • My SMSF Property’s founder is a Tax Financial Adviser ( TPB Registration – No 24840981)
  • Member of the SMSF Association: 11656

Personal Financial Advice Services are provided at a cost following an engagement for these services

  • A basic SMSF SOA is $550 – includes the benefit comparison of a SMSF versus a Retail or industry fund
  • Consultation on super contributions strategies, salary packaging, property strategies and pensions are provided on a fee for service engagement basis. Consultation fees are $110 for a half hour

It is you (as trustee) and your fund’s responsibility to meet the Superannuation Industry Supervision Act 1993 & 1994 guidelines.


To cease our annual administration service before completing the first years accounting, we require written notification before the completion of the current financial year. Please forward a cheque for $1,550 to the address below. Your service will terminate at the end of the financial year in which you notify us.

Email: [email protected] or postal address PO Box 878 North Sydney NSW 2059
subject: Cancel Administration service.


Users can print a hard copy of material on this site for their personal use only other than material where this is prohibited by a notice to that effect on this site.You must not reproduce any part of this website in any form without the written permission from My SMSF Property


The information contained on this site is made available to residents of Australia and its territories and New Zealand and is not intended to be a recommendation, offer or invitation to take up securities or other investments.


My SMSF Property and its group of companies are not liable in any way to any person for any loss, damage, cost or expense incurred as a result of the material contained on this site or from unauthorised access to, or any misuse of this site including, without limitation, any negligence by MySMSF Property or its other group of companies.

All fees charged for services provided must be paid within 14 -30 day. Late payment will result in a penalty rate of

  • CPI (2.5%) + 3% Interest cost, calculated monthly on the total owing
  • Debt collection fees will be incurred by the fund and its members


All references on this site to “$” or “dollars” are references to Australian currency unless otherwise stated.


Users of this site agree to indemnify My SMSF /My SMSF Property and its group of companies from all liability, cost and expense, (including legal fees) arising directly or indirectly from the use or distribution by any person of material placed on the site by the user or from the alteration, modification of or addition to material on the site by the user.


My SMSF Property does not endorse and are not responsible for information, feedback, questions or comments placed on this site by third parties and My SMSF Property does not receive referral fees from any providers who link or who use the services of My SMSF Property.


Links to other sites are provided for your convenience only. Any such links do not constitute or imply endorsement or recommendations of any other company, product or service or any affiliation between My SMSF Property and other organisations (unless otherwise expressly stated). My SMSF Property does not control and is not responsible for the content of any other site accessed via this site.


You consent to My SMSF Property monitoring your use of this site and disclosing your information to companies who are owned or affiliated with the said entity.


You agree to receive FSG’s, Credit Guide forms and application and PDS’ via email or electronic download or via a link provided to you. It your responsibility to read these documents before you make any decisions to acquire any products or services.


Our SMSF Setup, consists of the following services which are not billed as a normal setup cost

  • Free Trust Deed for (individual trustee SMSF can only have 2-4 members)
  • Apply for your ABN/TFN with the ATO
  • Setup a bank account for your fund
  • Rollover your super (excludes PSS,First State Super, Qsuper, Uni Super)
  • Provide choice of fund – super contribution forms and guidance
  • Bank cheques to your SMSF cash account
  • Correspond with the ATO and ASIC when setting up your SMSF entities

Valued at $1,550

Conditions of our SMSF Setup Service:

  • Must have $150,000 in combined super between 1-4 members
  • You must maintain your administration for 12 months
  • We use the CBA/ Commsec cash account

Note:If you do not complete one (1) year’s administration with us, we may charge a fee of, $1,550 to cover the time taken to complete your SMSF Setup.


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