SMSF Gold, Silver &
Diamond Investments

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Diversify your SMSF portfolio
by Investing in these
Physical Assets

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Invest in Gold, Silver, Diamond or Other metals via your SMSF

Why Invest In Gold, Silver &
Pink Diamonds ?

These are all great assets which are uncorrelated to traditional growth assets like property, shares and fixed interest. Typically these assets add diversity and are great asset to insure against a broader market downturn.


Gold is a great store of wealth asset used for centuries by nations around the world


Silver is used in many new computer chip and electronic device componentry


Pink diamonds are Rare and the closure of the Argyle Mine in WA will result in less supply driving prices highers

Choose Reserve Vault for Your Gold, Metals and Crypto Storage

How Do You Store These
Assets & Remain Compliant
With Super Laws?

  • Assets must be stored in a Vault, with insurance in place
  • Assets must be valued every 1 – 2 years
  • Update your Investment strategy and have an exist strategy, when holding collectables

Invest In
Pink Diamond
Today Why My Smsf ?

  • Cheapest SMSF collectables Pricing just $1,100 p.a
  • Smsf Setup is just $799
  • Cloud based platform, for administration, storage and investments

Ainslie Bullion’s Gold, Metals and Diamond Services

Our friends at Ainslie Bullion, provide Gold and Metal, Crypto purchase and storage solution. Place an order online or by going into the showroom to transact and have it stored in a Reserve Vault account. Secure, insured and valuations are available by request.

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