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Contribution Splitting in a SMSF

Splitting concessional contributions amongst members or spouses can be an effective strategy provided that you benefit in the following ways. 1) It creates a Tax-free portion for the receiving spouse – like a re-contribution strategy 2) It’s tax deductible for the contributing spouse ( subject to PSI or the 10% income test) if they are … Continue reading Contribution Splitting in a SMSF

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Depreciation Changes Budget 2017

Depreciation is the natural wear and tear that occurs to a building and the assets within it over time and it’s one of three (3) key tools property investors use to make holding investment property more affordable and tax effective. The proposed new laws to depreciation will result in a reduction in the depreciation for … Continue reading Depreciation Changes Budget 2017

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SMSF Deductions

SMSF PROPERTY DEDUCTIONS One of the great benefits of property in an SMSF is the raft of available deductions. Expenses that are likely to be deductible include bank charges, brokerage, filing fees, fines, interest paid insurance premiums, valuation and storage costs, property expenses, relevant training courses, subscriptions, administration software fees. Some of the common property … Continue reading SMSF Deductions

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SMSF Foreign Property

SMSF Foreign Property Australian investors love of property investment is often not restricted to domestic property.  Many SMSF’s are targeting foreign property for a variety of reasons, such as cheaper purchase costs and higher rental yields. With amazing 13%-22% returns on foreign property and property values around the $40,000 to $150,000, it is not hard … Continue reading SMSF Foreign Property

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Losing Your Partner

Coping with the loss of your partner Losing your partner changes your life, and money matters may seem unimportant at the time. Taking practical steps can help you get through this period and better prepare you for the future. Arranging a funeral and death certificate Working out the will Determining where you stand financially Working out … Continue reading Losing Your Partner

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