SMSF Loans

Cash Back SMSF Loan Comparison

Loan size (Must have 20% deposit to borrow in Super)



  Commerical Property Lender
Interest Rate 6% 5.85% 5.3%
Monthly repayments $2098 $2064 $1943
Personal guarantee Yes Yes Yes
Product type Variable & Fixed Variable & Fixed Variable & Fixed
Repayment type P&I P&I / Interest Only P&I
Maximum lending ratio 80% Residential only
(Individual or Company)
80% Individual
80% Company
Maximum loan amount $100K Min
$750K Max
$150K Min
$500K Max
$100K Min
$500K Max
Review of legal documents $1,925 Approx $1,300 Approx $1,300 Approx
Establishment fees $0
$350 for pre-approval
$0 $1,000
Ongoing fees $10 Monthly $0 $0
Maximum terms 30 Years 30 Years 30 Years
Settlement Fee $0 $0 $0
Best feature Offset / 5 Year Fixed Cheapest / Quick Approval Flexible / cheapest Rate and setup costs
Cash back to you!
Only available if you apply through MySMSFProperty
$500 $500 $600

Can my super fund borrow?

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*Not available for NRAS and commercial property loans. A maximum of $600 paid and effective for new loans from 1st of July 2013


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*Not required when SGC and Rent alone used

Our points of difference

  • My SMSF Property is the only SMSF Lender to provide a Cash Bonus for online loans
  • Quick approval times (Just 30 days)**
  • Direct pre-assessment and online loan application

**Subject to correct proof documents being provided and suitability of property postcode



Don't take our word for it, here's what investors currently using our service say

" Thank you for all your patience, assistance and expertise – whilst assisting my husband and I with various financial matters in relation to setting up a Self Managed Super Fund and liaising with St George Bank to ensure that all the correct information was provided to them efficiently and expediently in relation to our super fund investment loan ( SMSF Property Loan) approval."

Kind regards,


Helen & Con Sotiras, NSW


Lending guide

Our full lending process is described in our lending guide available here.



Our Lending Process

  • We pre assess your suitability.
  • We then get you to complete part of the SMSF loan application.
  • You download the required proof document list.
  • Email this to us or the lender.
  • The lender will provide you with a conditional approval.
  • Once a valuation is completed on your SMSF Property the lender will provide you with a full loan approval.
  • Your loan has been approved and your property settled.
  • We will pay you the applicable loan cash bonus!


Lending for your SMSF

My SMSF Property's Super lending panel provides an online lending service for our clients, which is efficient and quick.

For approved loans we provide a cash rebate to you within 90 days of approval.

We are proud to be the only SMSF (Superannuation) lending company to offer this type of service in Australia. Our average approval time is just 20 days for an SMSF property loan.
(Subject to information provided to us and access by the lender to your investment property)